6 Myths of Social Media with Nina Kovner

Social Media Do's and Don'ts
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There is no denying the importance of social media in today’s beauty industry. And while it seems like everyone else is effortlessly navigating their way through different social media platforms—be it Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter—it can be really frustrating when you think you’re doing everything right, but not seeing the results you’d like to see.

So if your Instagram is chock full of photos, but missing those little hearts, and your tweets are more of a chirp, Nina Kovner (@passionsquared) is sharing her “six essential social media myth busting tips” guaranteed to empower your business.



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  1. More Is More. You’ll hear the idea that you need to be everywhere. But lets be honest, it can be hard staying consistent on one platform, let alone, three, four or five of them. Instead, be where your clients are and be where you can be consistent. That means if the majority of your audience spends most of their time on Instagram, be on Instagram. If you can only put your energy into one platform consistently, then choose that one platform carefully. Once you’ve figured out that particular platform—and are consistent on it—if you notice that you also have an audience on another platform like Facebook, then begin to build a system and process for consistently engaging on Facebook. The important thing to remember is that it’s all about your engagement. The same goes for your posts. Posting several photos at once isn’t helpful, it’s about quality over quantity. Really focus on getting those comments, likes and shares with what you do decide to post.
  2. Set It And Forget It. Working in the beauty world, you know that social platforms are designed to be social—“social” meaning building conversations. So if we are thinking that we can go in and plan out a month of posts, hit a button and go on vacation, that’s not building relationships or conversations. You need to stay present. Yes you can schedule and plan, but just because we have the tools to do so (and there are many amazing ones), it doesn’t mean that we can “set it” and walk away. Use them to make your planning easier, but don’t rely on them to build value.
  3. Likes And Followers. We can find ourselves thinking “I need more followers” and “if I could just get more followers,” but unless your objective is to be an influencer, you don’t need to focus on building a mass following. Instead, focus on your relationships with the right people who will turn into referrals and revenue. Having a following is important, but the objective is to deliver value to your audience, and building relationships with them can be done regardless of the amount of followers you have. Use the outcomes of this engagement—such as the number of referrals you have from your social media—to measure your success online.
  4. It’s Too Time Consuming. We’ve all said this at one point or another. But try to remember that this is a relationship, making it time consuming, just like any other relationship. What you need to find is value. When you find value, you find time. Just like we do for the things we value in our day-to-day lives—like a Netflix binge or our morning coffee—because we see its worth, we make it happen. If you’re still struggling to find the minutes, evaluate your current marketing, see if there is anything that you’ve been doing for a while that is no longer current.
  5. It’s Magic. Many people have the idea that when they get online they can instantly become famous. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It takes time! When we see people with big followings, it’s easy to forget how long they have been potentially devoting to social media. Remember that, and know that consistency, being a good social listener and adding value to a community overtime is what’s going to help you build revenue and get referrals.
  6. It’s About Getting Something. Going into social media for the reason of getting something—Facebook to make a sale, Instagram to get clients— doesn’t work. The intention needs to be set on what can I give? How can I give value and inspire my clients? How can I build relationships with the people I want in my tribe? That is how we can engage successfully in social platforms. When we go into social media with a self-serving attitude people sense it, and you’ll probably be hearing crickets because it’s not interesting to consistently push a sale. People can see your intentions when they are pure, and it’s something that we can all respond to. So instead of seeking attention, focus on giving attention.

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