6 Ways to Attract New Clients on Social Media

photo courtesy of Sola Salon Studios

Every day, dozens of companies are vying for your clients' attention on social media. How will you stand out in such a crowded space? 

In this type of competitive atmosphere, it’s super important to make sure that your social media posts shine for all the right reasons. Here are six social media content ideas to help you stand out from all of the noise and tell your story in the most authentic way possible.

Tell a Story

A captivating story is a surefire way to get your followers' attention. Make it your goal to tell a compelling story in every single one of your social media posts. For example, if your client mentions that she is giving a big presentation at work in a couple of days, make sure to mention that when you post a photo of her gorgeous hair and wish her good luck! Adding context to your posts will help your followers connect with them on a deep, emotional level. 

Highlight Your Work

When a potential client begins their search for a new hairdresser, social media is often the first place they begin the search. Help them find what they’re looking for by posting plenty of photos of your work. Whether it is a trendy cut, gorgeous color, beautiful manicure or a relaxing facial—make sure that they know what you specialize in and what you’re passionate about. Also, don't forget to include a few hashtags to help them discover your photos.

Book Appointments

Social media can be a great place to remind your clients to book an appointment before busy times. Communicate to your clients that you're going on vacation and that they should schedule an appointment before it's too late, or simply remind them to book now before the busy holiday season. Your clients will appreciate the reminder. 

Share Your Knowledge

Your clients visit you because they trust your skills and have come to rely on your expertise. You can build on that trust by sharing useful tips and tricks with your followers. Consider creating a tutorial to show them how to achieve a certain look at home, or give them an insider scoop when a new designer makeup pallet is about to be released.

Show Your Passion

Did you just attend a class to learn the a new technique? Are you planning on going to the upcoming Sola Sessions to learn all about upcoming industry trends? Share that you’re attending these educational events with your followers. Your clients will appreciate the fact that you are dedicated to continuing your education and providing them with the best possible experience.

Feature Testimonials

Sometimes the best form of marketing comes directly from your clients. Make it easy for them to share testimonials with you. Consider using a tool like SolaGenius to help them share their reviews, which you can then share on your social media profiles. Incredible reviews from your current customers will give new clients the confidence to reach out for an appointment knowing that other people are already thrilled with your services.