Artist Stories: Ann Mincey, Redken Global Icon

Todays Artist Stories episode is extra special. Ann Mincey is one of those rare individuals whose managed to touch tens of thousands of professionals in ways that most of us can only aspire to.

Ann is an inspirational, motivating educator who has spent 40 years traveling the world on behalf of Redken.  She has committed her professional life to making the lives of hairdressers and salon owners “the best” they can be, all the while becoming the best version of herself in the process.    

We caught up with Ann at the recent spring Intercoiffure North American event where she once again was inspiring hundreds of professionals.  It’s important work and few do it the way that she does – with intelligence, kindness, and passion.

Most telling for me, however, is not the tremendous response she always elicits from audiences – but instead it’s the quiet hallway moments with friends and “fans” I’ve observed time and time again.  She touches people in profound ways –as she has me. 

Synonyms for the word artist include: expert, master, maestro, virtuoso and genius. That being said, please enjoy our video profile of the “artist” - Ann Mincey.

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