Artist Stories: Fabio Sementilli, Wella Professionals

In my role with American Salon, I have the great honor of getting to meet and hang with some of the industry’s most important professionals, artists, business owners and executives. Although I don’t know him well, Wella’s Fabio Sementilli, Vice President of Education, has long stood out from the crowd to me, perhaps for the simple reason that he is so amazingly positive and always smiling. 

We recently had the chance to sit down with Fabio to discuss his life - in and outside of the industry.  It didn’t take long to realize that there is a foundation behind the smile that is anchored in both his passion for hairdressers and his love of family (personal and professional) –  and that both influence his daily decisions as leader of Wella's many educational programs and initiatives in North America.

Fabio credits his involvement in professional hairdressing competitions as a cornerstone of his success. Under Fabio’s leadership, Wella’s Trend Vision has done much to bring competition back to the forefront of the industry, inspiring hairdressers around the globe to step up their game technically and artistically – so that they can be the best they can possibly be, every day in the salon - for every client. 


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In our time together, Fabio’s passion for the craft and commitment to mentoring the next generation of successful professionals was clear, as was his belief in their potential.  It also was clear that behind that omnipresent smile is some serious depth to what drives Fabio in his work. Most importantly (and impressively) is his understanding of the responsibility that comes with his role:

“Our sole purpose and responsibility is to serve our boss, the professional hairdresser.” – Fabio

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