Artist Stories: Guy Tang, Hair Activist Part 1

Guy Tang, self-proclaimed "hair activist," is arguably the most recognized name (and face) in the professional beauty industry today – and he's gotten there without sponsorship from a major brand. Serving as a digital role model and spokesperson for legions of professionals, he's a possible game changer for many in the industry. And he's doing it all on his own terms.

Social media has without a doubt transformed the lives and careers of countless beauty pros.  But few demonstrate the power and impact of social media in the professional beauty space more than Guy Tang.  His is a genuine, unique and authentic voice in a sea of online personalities. Guy has indisputable talent, laser focus and an engaging presence – a trifecta for social media success.

I first came across Guy by way of his original YouTube channel about four years ago, following his video post from ISSE Long Beach. He had an obvious passion for the craft and a unique knack for engaging his audience. Soon I began encouraging participants in my social media classes to follow Guy. Today, Guy Tang has over 486,328 followers and 17,957,540 views on his YouTube channel, 457,000 followers on Facebook and 794,000 followers on Instagram – a huge audience with a reputation to match. 


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I had the chance to sit down for an interview with Guy during this year's American Board of Certified Haircolorists Energizing Summit where he made a surprise appearance to serve on an expert panel (subsequently resulting in massive lines for selfies which he obliged with the utmost grace and gratitude). 

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