Backstory: label.m

Kamala Kirk spoke with Sacha, Co-founder and Global Creative Director, to learn more about the super brand. 

How did the idea for label.m come about?

It was during the time of the TIGI – UNILEVER acquisition and we needed a really great product range for our existing TONI&GUY salons around the world (except USA) and to do session work backstage. We came up with 10 key products that were our absolute must-haves. It was almost like starting again but in a really pure way. We put the best ingredients possible, along with our heart and soul, into the development process. We educate our stylists to know what exactly is in the products. They are very proud of them and it reflects as it goes down the chain to the client. It’s part of the integrity we all have for the brand, and the stylists and clients can keep their integrity high by knowing they are getting what they pay for.

What does “label.m” mean?

Label means “fashion house” and M represents “Mascolo.” Just like we are loyal to our favorite brands, we want our clients to have the mindset that they are buying into a label—a fashion house. It’s a great product that works functionally but also emotionally, gives them confidence, and makes them feel original!

What sets label.m apart from other brands?

Since I was very young, I never wanted to be like anyone else. I’ve always had a unique personality and style. I feel like it’s the same in the business—you really need that “original” edge on anything creative, otherwise everyone gets bored. label.m has an iconic heritage built by education and training, and the renowned London-based International Artistic Team is the most successful artistic team in British Hairdressing Award history. As the only London Fashion Week Official Hair Care product, we inspire, anticipate, and create new trends and looks alongside the perfect products to achieve them.

What is the brand’s partnership with London Fashion week?

The partnership was simple. The council and designers love the products and working with the team, so it all happened very organically. label.m has been the product sponsor for four years, and we actually sell products during London Fashion Week to give back a portion of the sales to the council to support new designers. Each season is a lot of fun and brings new talent, loads of trends and inspiration for new styles. To get all the shows done, we have the label.m session team of 150 people and the art team of about 40 people.   

How many products are in the line?

The label.m collection now incorporates over 80 products categorized into a simple 4C system: Cleanse, Condition, Create and Complete. The extensive offering includes “Therapy” targeting the five key signs of hair aging, Organic, Thickening, and Brightening Blonde collections, as well as the new and wildly successful men’s range We also just introduced our most luxurious range, Diamond Dust. 

What is your target market?

We define our consumers by attitude to life—not demographics. They are always willing to try new things, they look for services that make them feel good, and they express their individuality through the way they look.

Next steps for the brand?

Always new products introduced in the best possible way. We are currently working on expansions within our Organic and Diamond Dust ranges. We have been working on the 2017 collection and just shot with the team last month. It’s going to be youthful, fun, and vibrant with high-fashion elegance.