Inside the Midwest Oasis Aqua Beauty Lounge

Aqua Beauty Lounge has a rustic-glam vibe. // Photography: Marmalade

Halfway between Madison and Milwaukee, WI, sits a “lake country” town called Pewaukee; sitting across from one of the many lakes you’ll find Aqua Beauty Lounge, an oasis that’s hard to miss. “I bought the building, which was a restaurant, and completely gutted it, transforming it into a full-service salon and spa,” says co-owner Jaime LeFever, who before opening this location owned a salon across the street for eight years.

Aqua Beauty Lounge offers salon services, spa treatments and amenities like a coffee shop. // Photography: Marmalade 

“Knowing that a lot of my clients were looking for a one-stop-shop, I decided I needed to expand, opening the horizon to all different services. That was my goal; I just didn’t know that I’d do it in eight years.” LeFever opened the spot with Shellie May, who handles the spa side of the business; among cuts, color, keratin and hair extensions, Aqua Beauty Lounge also offers makeup services, nails, eyelash extensions, waxing and a variety of spa treatments.

While Pewaukee is part of “lake country,” and by nature, its denizens are outdoorsy, “they also enjoy higher-end things, so we wanted the atmosphere to feel trendy,” LeFever says. She fittingly gave the space “a rustic-glam-industrial vibe,” where antique furnishings are offset by modern light fixtures and décor.


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Upon entering, guests encounter the reception area, and off to the left is a lounge. “I partnered with local women’s businesses in our area, like coffee shop Mama D’s, which is in our lounge area,” she says. To the right of the entryway is the salon, with 14 styling stations and a shampoo area.

Antique-style furnishings lend to a rustic vibe. // Photography: Marmalade

The lower level is strictly spa. An extra perk during the warmer months is an outdoor patio where guests can soak in lake views while their color processes or simply relax.

The entryway, with a unique roof built by owner Jaime LeFever’s husband, Cory. // Photography: Marmalade

As a bonus for guests, Aqua Beauty Lounge partners with Vintage Barn Chicks, a consignment décor company, which brings in items like home furnishings, jewelry and candles for an added shopping experience. LeFever hopes these little details will add a distinct flair to her space.

Mama D’s coffee shop and shelves with retail items enhance the all-in-one experience; // Photography: Marmalade

“We try to make our space a little unique, going above and beyond what the other salons in the area are doing,” she says.

The shampoo area. // Photography: Marmalade