Better Business: Classic Services at the Virile Barber & Shop

Classic barbering and quality service are at the heart of Virile Barber & Shop’s success.

Five years ago when Adam Reyes, owner of Virile Barber & Shop in Waldwick, NJ, began the planning phase of his dream shop, he envisioned a haven where he could submerge himself in the art of traditional barbering. His fascination with the craft and its history is reflected in the design and detail of Virile Barber & Shop, which opened four years ago. From the vintage cash register to the black and white photos on the walls, the barbershop takes clients on a journey back in time. The diverse clientele consists of professionals, hipsters and artists who enjoy an array of tonsorial services including haircuts, beard and mustache trims, and hot-towel shaves. “We spend about 30 to 45 minutes on a haircut and 45 to 60 minutes on a shave,” says Reyes. “Attention to detail is crucial in this industry, and I’ve always said barbering is broken down to ¼ geometry, ¼ biology, ¼ chemistry and ¼ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.”

After finding great success with the Waldwick, NJ shop, Reyes mentored fellow barber Andre Fersa to become the owner of a second location in Jersey City, NJ. The Virile Heart & Heritage product line will be launching this month, and includes a shave formula, face balm and a variety of pomades. —L.B.



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