Better Business: Groh, A New Treatment for Healthy Skin and Hair

Power Plant

Beauty and biology combine in Groh, an innovative solution for skin and hair health.

Dr. Marvin Hausman joined the beauty industry by accident. He was researching a way to use mushrooms to combat autoimmune diseases, and found that it helped users’ hair and nail growth and health. So he took the key ingredient, ergothioneine, and looked for ways to use it in recognizable beauty products. The result: Groh, a line of products that uses ergothioneine and plant-derived vitamin D to supercharge, strengthen and repair cells, boosting healthy skin, scalp, hair and lashes. “Mushrooms boast this powerful antioxidant, and they’re the only ones in the world that can produce it to any sizable degree,” Hausman says.

Mario Tricoci salon uses Groh Ergo Boost Hair & Scalp Conditioning Treatment as an add-on service. It’s massaged onto the scalp at the shampoo bowl, and adds little to no time to a regular service. “We can prescribe it for home use, but the in-salon treatment is five times stronger, so clients have to come back for that,” says Anthony Muti, co-founder. The retail kit includes the treatment, Daily Replenishing Supplement, Skin Recharging Bar and Skin Repair Treatment. The Chicago location has been offering the treatment for more than a year and now performs about 500 per week, Muti adds. “It’s hydrating, and it replenishes the hair and scalp,” he says. “I really believe the technology of cleansing the scalp is so new, so we have to push that before we take it to the next steps.” —K.H.




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