Local Honey: A Salon with Glaring Southern Charm

Jay Bulluck, owner of Local Honey, with Lauren Ladd, Creative Director

When Jay Bulluck decided to open a hair salon in his hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina, he got his inspiration from an unexpected place—the honey stands found along the winding highways from the majestic North Carolina mountains to the picturesque beaches along the state’s coastline. “The salon is a direct reflection of my life experience, being a part of a state that has so much diversity, just like the many varieties of honey found in North Carolina,” says Bulluck. “Our local honey has a unique flavor and color based on the pollen the bees harvest. It was that regional uniqueness that I was after for the salon.” 

Everything in his salon feels straight out of a comfy Southern living room. Sitting in the waiting area, guests are offered a true North Carolina beverage—from a “Southern soda” such as Cheerwine or Sun Drop, to the salon’s proprietary tea made with local herbs and sweetened with, of course, local honey. Guests can flip through books by Greensboro natives—Bulluck sometimes even brings in these authors for readings in the salon—or lean back in furniture made in the renowned High Point, North Carolina, furniture region. And, if the mood strikes, they can browse through Local Honey’s one-of-a-kind apothecary. 

Local Honey’s distinctive North Carolina−inspired waiting area


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“I wanted to put my own spin on the Local Honey apothecary by stocking it with locally made or sourced products,” says Bulluck. “Having the apothecary creates a unique experience that separates us from the other salons. It also allows us to pull from a completely different revenue stream than hair. It creates a retail environment that’s a destination, not an afterthought.” 

To keep his stylists up to date on cutting edge products and techniques, Bulluck stocks his salon shelves with some of the top brand names that work perfectly with the salon’s “guests first” philosophy. “I look for lines that I can partner with to build our brands together, and companies like ARROJO, Aveda, R+Co, Mason Pearson and Original Mineral are a natural fit,” says Bulluck. “When considering ARROJO, Nick personally called and set up the account with me. Then he came to the salon as a guest artist.” Bulluck considers these continuing education and enrichment programs vital to his business because they keep both emerging talent and veteran stylists inspired. “I need to build the best staff that I can. I know that preparing my employees for success allows us to serve our guests better than the competition.”

Honey is sold at the salon, created by the bees and pollen in the area

After talking with Bulluck you can fully understand the meaning behind Local Honey’s tagline, “Old fashioned luxury for discerning ladies and handsome gents.” Bulluck puts whomever he’s working with first—be it a guest at his salon, a valued member of his staff, or an inquisitive beauty journalist—giving them his undivided attention. Bottom line: He’s going to do whatever it takes to deliver his best work, with a dash of good ol’ fashioned Southern charm.