10 Educational Sessions You Need to Attend in 2018

Certification for all three Great Lengths tape-in methods is included in the three-day, in-person class. (Photography: Shawn McKindra)

Start 2018 off right with classes and training sessions that will take your career to the next level. Here’s what’s new in education offerings this year. 

Danny Amorim, Director of Education 



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Danny Amorim, director of education 

Gibs Grooming is bringing education to the forefront in 2018, says Danny Amorim, Gibs’ director of education. “We put together an elite team of 24 barbers, stylists and educators who will give you some of the best cutting and styling techniques, along with product knowledge and the power of putting the product in someone’s hand and letting it sell itself.” A new educational menu includes: Product Knowledge, Hands On, and Look & Learn with a class called The Exchange about the relationship between barbers and clients. “With our new team, we are ready to hit the road and spread the word,” Amorim says. Classes will be held at trade shows such as Bronner Bros. Atlanta (February 10-12) and the CT Barber Expo in Hartford, CT (April 21-22). Show information, updates and product knowledge are available at gibsgrooming.com.

Brett Butcher, National Program Director

Certification for all three Great Lengths tape-in methods is included in the three-day, in-person class. (Photography: Shawn McKindra)

Great Lengths recently introduced two new tape-in extensions and, as a result, is recreating its Great Lengths Tape-in Extension Online Certification program to include training for all three tape-in methods: GL Apps, new GL Tapes and GL Tapes Plus. The Tape-in Extension Online Certification program is available to all licensed cosmetologists and doesn’t require the Great Lengths three-day Premium Bonded Certification or its criteria—rather, just a valid cosmetology license. The Great Lengths Tape-in Extension Online Certification program is free for Great Lengths certified stylists, as well as for qualifying, non-GL certified stylists who purchase a GL Apps, GL Tapes or GL Tapes Plus introduction package. More information about the online certification program—set to launch with the updated training for all three methods on February 1—is available by calling 800/999-0809. 

Detra Smith, Artistic Director

As Helen of Troy celebrates 50 years of business, the company will focus on classes that celebrate “how far stylists have come,” and will “teach what it takes to be progressive in the future,” says Detra Smith, artistic director at Helen of Troy. Stylists can attend in-person trainings on styling techniques in classrooms at national shows. “We emphasize the importance of the way hair trends follow fashion,” says Smith, who teaches how to translate runway and editorial looks into commercial use. “If you see it on the runways, you’ll see some form of it on the streets.” Other educators include Stephanie Hodges for braid techniques and Alisha Jared for bridal. In addition, Helen of Troy teaches how to work with different types of hair extensions, Smith says, giving stylists “a better understanding of how to use our tools in ways that give them the best finished results.” It’s not just about learning the techniques, it’s also about learning how to promote yourself as a stylist. So, Helen of Troy provides photography tips for social media and marketing. To increase its social media presence, the company plans to feature its educators on Facebook Live more frequently this year.  

Tarah Edberg, Brand Coordinator 

Keracolor will focus on education via digital this year with livestreaming and weekly instructional videos on social media. Tarah Edberg, brand coordinator at Keracolor, will host many of the weekly videos, but guest stylists from the Pro Team will also make appearances, like Garrett Roach (@garrettkenroach), owner of Coven KC salon in Kansas City, MO, and Kat Collett (@katcolors), also from Coven KC. In addition, the Keracolor Clique, a group of 34 stylists who test Keracolor products, will post monthly social media content including before and after shots. This month, Keracolor will begin its Lab Training, in-salon, hands-on classes around the country that teach artists the different ways Keracolor can be used. For more information, contact Edberg at 651/681-7769.  

Rowena Jaico, Learning Manager 

Millennium S.I.'s VP of Enterprise Sales Robert Maconi at The Millennium Experience 2017

Millennium has a variety of educational options: webinars, remote trainings, in-house training, onsite training and workshops. A new monthly live webinar, called Coffee Talk, launched this year and features experts including John Mosley, Robert Cromeans and Jason Everett (get more information at millenniumsi.com/education/webinars). Other educational events include Millennium’s annual conference (speaktme.com) for Millennium and Meevo clients, held September 30-October 2 in Scottsdale, AZ. This year, speakers include Sam Villa, Antony Whitaker (author of Grow My Salon Business), Jenny Strebe (founder of The Confessions of a Hairstylist) and Millennium founder John Harms. The conference covers everything from cutting and coloring techniques to business development and staff satisfaction. Millennium also offers remote trainings with a senior learning specialist to cover the new software, Meevo 2; in-house training with up to nine members of your team in the company’s learning lab; onsite training from Millennium’s education department; and onsite Millennium Academy Workshops for business growth. In addition, there’s a new online learning platform, Millennium Academy, for Meevo 2 training and certification. For information on workshops, visit millenniumsi.com/academy/workshops.

Robert Ham, Global Director of Education

Moroccanoil added two classes to its 2018 lineup: Signature Cutting: Men’s Collection and Signature Cutting: Couture Collection. Signature Cutting: Men’s Collection, a two-day course, teaches stylists how to create modern haircuts that complement male clients’ personalities, lifestyles and careers. “Technique and artistry are combined to deliver classic and progressive looks suitable for the suburbs and city,” according to the Moroccanoil class description. Signature Cutting: Couture Collection, a two-day course, focuses on haircuts inspired by art, fashion and modern street styles. Moroccanoil’s hands-on classes suit stylists at every level of their careers and are available at The Moroccanoil Academy at 135 E. 57th St. in New York City. For more information, call 212/616-1524 or visit moroccanoilprofessionals.com. Stay tuned for an additional Moroccanoil Academy in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, set to open by summer. 

Talia Thomas, Executive Director of Education

Coby Alcantar, Oribe director of training and content (Photography: Chris Delorenzo)

Oribe offers classes in its New York studio, but for those who can’t make it in, the company is hosting five Oribe On the Road educational presentations from February to May. These small, traveling classes will cover cutting and styling techniques from Oribe’s current Journey to Mastery curriculum, used in the New York studio. The classes will be smaller than the Oribe Ateliers (Atelier dates to be announced soon), and max at 150 students. On the Road will be demo-only and will be available at a lower price than Atelier, says Talia Thomas, executive director of education for Oribe. “Everything we teach in the On the Road experience is salon-friendly and inclusive of stylists of all levels of experience,” Thomas says. “It’s also a chance to connect with in-network salon owners and stylists.” On the Road’s first stop is Phoenix on February 19. There, stylists will see two cutting demonstrations with multiple styling options. On the Road will make its way to Boston, Atlanta and several other cities. More information is available at oribe.com/ontheroad.

Jill Acosta, Marketing and Operations Coordinator

Ted Gibson at Premiere Orlando

Premiere Show Group plans to bring more panel discussions and roundtables to this year’s events. “This will allow our attendees to be more engaged with the education offered at the show and put in their own personal experience to the mix,” says Jill Acosta, marketing and operations coordinator for Premiere Show Group. In addition, Premiere Show Group will broaden opportunities to learn about trendy topics such as balayage, men’s grooming and hair loss. Premiere Orlando in June covers everything from hair and nail art trends to weaves to business classes. “We understand how vital it is for an artist behind the chair to be equipped with the tools and techniques they need to provide their clients with the most fashion-forward looks and trends,” Acosta says. “This is why, collectively with our exhibitors, we aim to bring the top artists from across the globe to our event to have them help deliver education on what has made them so successful.” Other shows this year include Premiere Beauty Classic and Premiere Birmingham. 

Sheri Doss, VP Global Education

Redken’s field classes cover the hottest trends in haircolor.

No matter what their career level, stylists can turn to the Redken Exchange in New York City and attend field training throughout the US to sharpen their skills. “A stylist should attend class at the Redken Exchange if they are a starter salon, or a successful salon ready to expand, remodel or grow,” says Sheri Doss, VP of global education at Redken. The classes can inspire ideas about starting a new salon design; remodeling an existing one; creating a positive experience during a client’s visit; and developing career paths for your staff. For the field, there’s Blonding Trends, Millennial Trends and the newest Gray Hair Trends. The field also covers the Hottest Trends in Haircolor: Balayage, Ombre-Sombre, Advanced Color Correction, Formulation Hot Tips, and How to Bleach and Tone Successfully. To attend a class, contact the Redken Exchange at 800/545-8157 and browse the class schedule at redkensalon.com/redken-education/redken-exchange/class-calendar. Field classes are offered at all distributor store locations. Salons can qualify for complimentary education with purchases and also use PPD Level Reward points for in-salon education.

Tracey Nugent, US Education and Artist Coordinator  

Wahl Education and Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.) member Julius Arriola in action (Photography: Wahl Professional)

Wahl Professional is introducing several new classes this year, including To Connect or Disconnect, Fading & More with Wahl, Design Artistry and Short, Sassy & Classy. The classes are offered either in two-hour demos or four-hour, hands-on formats. To Connect or Disconnect helps students with the best techniques for blending longer hair on top with shorter sides, or how to nail a disconnected look. Fading & More with Wahl helps stylists create the perfect fade and taper, and offers tips to avoid and correct lines. Meanwhile, Design Artistry shows students how to personalize haircuts with artistic flair, including how to identify design placement, basic shapes and fading with the design. The goal is to give stylists the confidence to “never turn a client away who asks for a hair tattoo design,” says Tracey Nugent, US education and artist coordinator for Wahl. Lastly, the Short, Sassy & Classy course is for mastering short styles for women, like bobs, pixies or soft fades. “These techniques take less time, yet are so innovative that participants can charge more for the service,” Nugent adds.