David Thurston on Risk

This is not a dress rehearsal. This is your one life. You only get one of them.

Don’t waste it living with toxic relationships or working in an uninspiring salon. Don’t be lazy day after day, putting off making a leap or taking a risk to make your life or career better. Don’t waste years waiting for life to happen to you.

People put off change because of fear. The fear is real and powerful. Stepping outside of your comfort zone makes you… uh… uncomfortable. But the discomfort is temporary. It lasts no more than 30 days. Are you going to be in that terrible relationship, or that crappy salon, or put off taking that risk for another 30 years just to avoid 30 days of discomfort?


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The real tragedy isn’t wasting the 30 years in that relationship or salon… no, the real tragedy is everything you will have missed out on, because making the change now will lead to a whole new life trajectory… it will bring new people and opportunities into your life… all missed opportunities if you avoid making the change because of fear. You’ll never have the chance to go back and experience those things… they’ll be lost forever.

This is not a dress rehearsal. Cheers to the risk takers!

David at Butterfly Loft Salon 

About: David Thurston is the founder of Butterfly Loft salon and Ubungalows Luxury Salon Suites, that combined make up a 10,000 square foot salon and spa located in Los Angeles, California.  He is also the founder of Butterfly Circus, a touring education team made up of some of the most recognizable stylists in the world, who collaborate to put on large hair shows.  David is also the co-founder of Butterfly Loft Academy, a hands-on education company that teaches the latest Balayage, color melt, and vivid/pastel coloring techniques. Follow Butterfly Loft on Instagram.