5 Ways to Educate Clients While They're In Your Chair

photo via Getty Images

If your clients are stuck in a styling rut, it’s important to listen to their needs, says Sam Villa ArTeam Member Jesse Linares. But a busy day at the salon might be a difficult time to find ways to switch things up. “One way to offer a major change, without changing anything, is to create a hands-on learning experience for the guest,” says Linares. “It’s our responsibility to lead our guests to the results they’re looking for.” Here, a few tips from Linares on how to do just that.

Reserve time: You can offer to reserve time at a later date to talk techniques if the day is too busy, encouraging retention and loyalty. 

Make it brief: Break down the style into simple steps, and make sure you mention the tools, brushes and products used. 

Explain why: Explain why you’re taking the steps you do, and the client will leave having learned something new. 

Let them try: Give them the curling wand and coach them through it. Clients are more likely to remember what they’ve learned if they practice. 

Highlight the products: After reveling in the great look you and your client have created together, remind them of the products you used that can be bought at the salon.