Beverly Hills' Bomane Salon Offers Next-Level Client Experience

A clean and simple palette of black, white and gray is balanced by neon signs and pop art.

When Andrea Jaclyn and Sonny Henty first met at a nightclub, they had no intention to someday open a salon together. Jaclyn was a successful hairstylist and extensions specialist catering to celebrity clients, and Henty, a former boxer, was modeling. “When Drea said she was thinking about opening a hair salon, at first I was like, what’s the point? There’s no money in hair!” Sonny says.

Bomane co-owners Andrea Jaclyn and Sonny Henty

Fast forward, the two got together and Henty did more than change his tune. “I got a [cosmetology] license, started doing extensions with Drea, and saw the business possibilities in LA, especially Beverly Hills,” he says.


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Bomane’s spacious layout guarantees equal comfort for clients and staff.

Jaclyn, who trained at the Paul Mitchell School in San Diego, sensed an opportunity for a new approach. “I felt like the high-end customer experience was diminished. At Bomane, we take everything at a slower pace,” she says. To enhance the in-salon experience, Bomane created an app for appointment scheduling and payment, offers chargers at every station, provides valet service, and hosts quarterly staff trainings to keep techniques fresh. The investment paid off, with client retention in the high 90s, Henty says. The salon also retails Davines products and jewelry designed by Jaclyn and Henty on its website as an added perk.

“We let clients leave their baggage at the door and relax with us for a few hours. We help change their perspective on how they’re feeling about themselves.”—Sonny Henty

A play on “beau,” the French word for beautiful, Bomane moved into a historic Beverly Hills building last spring, which Henty completely demoed. It transformed into an 3,600-square-foot full-service salon with 17 stations and a private, ventilated keratin room, a rare luxurious amount of space. No corner was left untouched. Henty created the wall art, makes candles to retail and burn in the salon, and rather than polishing the concrete floor in the back of house, he and Jaclyn created a collage of Kate Moss images, immortalized with a coat of epoxy resin. They even placed crystals in each wall to balance energies. 

“We let clients leave their baggage at the door and relax with us for a few hours,” Henty says. “We help change their perspective on how they’re feeling about themselves. They walk out feeling like a million dollars.”