Hairbrained: Instagram Shootout

At Hairbrained, we recognize that most artists don’t have the time or the resources to invest in professional images to showcase their work – and they shouldn’t have to. While we certainly see the beauty in big-budget projects, we also know that top-notch artistry speaks for itself and can be captured with a simple cell phone camera. It was from this basic idea that Hairbrained #shootouts were created.

We want our members to know that a steady blend of skills, on-point model selection and a sharp eye for haircut suitability, can go a long way in helping you to gain recognition as an artist – both from your peers and from top educational houses.

While respect and positivity are standard within the Hairbrained community, this spirit is felt tenfold during #shootouts. Armed with basic cameras and a dream, the world’s most skilled artists behind-the-chair put their best work forward – and we LOVE to watch the process unfold.        


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Our very first Shoot Out took place five years ago, in collaboration with Sassoon Academy, and this annual autumn event is highly anticipated among our community’s members. The winner of this Shoot Out gets the opportunity to attend a complementary Master Class at Sassoon’s Los Angeles facility, plus a voucher to help cover additional expenses. As Shoot Out winner, participants gain a position of respect among their Hairbrained community peers, including class attendees.

The Sassoon partner event has generated so much excitement among our community’s members that we’ve partnered with another respected education house, Northern California-based Federico Advanced, to offer additional Shoot Out opportunities; these include working with international talents, such as Mazella&Palmer and ZGAT.

Our Spring 2016 Shoot Out will be in collaboration with Federico Advanced; you can look forward to the chance to learn with Croatian artists Ivana Spicer and Mario Mesaric of ZGAT. With sharp skills and a unique aesthetic, these artists boast a keen attention to detail and avant-garde cuts inspired by classic shapes and techniques. The class will take place June 1-3. Keep an eye out for details; we’ll be running the Shoot Out several months prior to the class.  

Start gathering your models and inspiration now – and be sure use your favorite hashtags: #hairbrained and #hbshootout

Here are this years winners and just a handful of our favorites.

American Salon Note: Reading this blog about Sassoon Academy, we couldn’t help but think of one of our favorite videos. The winning entree for the Beauty Changes Lives Vidal Sassoon Scholarship by Joy LaMay:

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