Hairbrained Quick-Tip: Staying on Brand with Douglas McCoy

The biggest and best companies have mastered the art of ‘branding’ – but as a hairdresser – you should have your own distinct style, too. Staying consistent with that style can make you more visible, plus identifiable, to your potential clientele, and this distinction can help you to grow your business with ease. Alternatively, brand confusion (a departure from your identifiable style) will leave current and potential clients wondering what you’ll do next – and this uncertainty can ultimately lead to a slow growth business.

Nobody knows this better than branding master Douglas McCoy, Owner and Stylist at the ‘House of Pop’ in Spokane, Washington. Here, Douglas shares his thoughts on staying true to you style – and developing your brand.

Tip 1: Who are you? Before you try to create a distinct style, or brand, Douglas advocates knowing who you are – and what your work is about. This simple tip will help to keep you focused, and can prevent brand confusion.


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Tip 2: Be proud of your brand. Keep your work consistent, and make sure that it accurately represents you. “If your work is really solid and precise,” says Douglas, “keep it that way.” But, “if your work is airy and lived-in – do that.”

Tip 3: Brand recognition equals more clients. Your work is your message to existing and potential clients – and that message has dawn them to you. If your message is always changing, it will put your reputation at stake. Aim for total integration of your brand, philosophy and work, because “that’s what your clients want to see,” confirms Douglas. “They want to see your work – don’t try to do everything,” he finishes.

So remember to keep your brand in clear focus at all times. Aim for it to be clean, simple and precise – and you’ll build your business quickly and easily.