Harry Wood IV Shares Tips for Earning A Six-Figure Paycheck

With 25 years as a stylist under his belt (not to mention nine published books), Harry Wood IV utilized his experience and knowledge to create Six-Figure Hairdresser—a successful business model that hairdressers can use to evaluate their career and attain goals. “We are recalibrating the industry and raising expectations to $100,000 incomes,” says Wood. “That’s the new standard.” Below, he shares a few tips for success in the salon space.

  • Lead your space Employers lead by defining expectations, creating a positive atmosphere and developing careers and talents of future professionals. As a six-figure hairdresser, reassuring staff that you can stay on top and work through it together will create loyal employees. 
  • Find the right employees When I look for people to join our team, I’m looking for family members. You have to find people that feel right who will grow with your business and become top performers.
  • Self-awareness Knowing and realizing your own weaknesses is key to self-awareness. Understanding what not to do is part of helping the next generation to not make the same mistakes. 
  • Know your staff and customers Create a positive space for both. Play to people’s strengths and focus on what your employees do best.

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