How-To: Apply Volume Eyelash Extensions

photo by licsiren/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Wedding season is in full swing, and your soon-to-be-brides may be looking to transform their look before the big day—enter volume lash extensions. Volume lashes are perfect for clients who have sparse lashes, bald spots or want to achieve a more dramatic look without using a thicker lash. 

Though the look of volume lashes is much different from that of a classic set, the biggest difference is actually in the technique. According to Sarah Moore, a volume lash trainer at the Glad Lash Academy, "artists often say learning to apply volume lashes often feels like learning a completely different service." Here, Moore shares five quick tips for mastering the volume lash technique. 

  • Use a jade stone pallet. Make a dome shape with your glue. Dip the base of the fan conservatively into the very top of the dome. This will help keep glue low on the fan and off your tweezers.
  • Practice deep breathing when making fans by hand. The hairs will react to the energy in your body. If you are tense or anxious, it will be reflected in your hands. Don't be afraid to sit up for a moment to reset. A drink of water will also calm you down quickly, so you can return to a state of ease and flow.
  • Be patient mastering your craft. Don't be in a hurry to go from student to practitioner. Infinite patience with yourself tends to shorten the time it takes to learn. Rushing can result in bad habits, like dangerous bonding.
  • Practice during down time. Even master artists practice. Take 10 to 15 minutes—just you, the glue and a sponge—to set yourself up to improve without the pressure of working on a client. Also, a sponge-full of beautiful fans makes a great social media post.
  • Recommend at-home care. Moore recommends a foaming eyelash shampoo and conditioner like Glad Lash Wash and Wink EyelashShampoo Conditioner. "My clients wash three times per week—more often if they wear heavy makeup," Moore says. "Clients should use the soft brush to gently clean from lash line out and rinse. Then, use a hand fan with a silicone spool to brush lashes into place while the they dry."