How to Implement Spring Cleaning in Your Salon

photo by cherry7966/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The spring season is an opportunity to clean out closets, straighten up the yard and do typical spring-cleaning exercises. Why not follow that lead in your salon? John Harms, Millennium Systems International founder and CEO, shares how salons can “clean up” software and realign inventory.

Inventory Count: So many businesses allow inventory to get out of whack or have never done a full count. Use your software’s inventory count feature to organize by manufacturer. Then you can utilize features like “automatic purchase order” and put slow-moving products on sale.

Model Quantities and Order Points: Check your settings for the model quantity (full stock) and order points (flag that let’s you know it’s time to reorder). You don’t want to under-order, but old inventory or too much inventory is like locking money in a drawer.


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Client Outreach: Get in touch with clients who haven’t been in for over 120 days. Come up with a spring promotion, like offering a free product or a discounted service. 

Goal-Setting: If you haven’t set your employees’ goals in your software, take the time to do so. Most software have abilities to set monthly goals and some can translate down to daily goals. This motivates your employees and lets them know how they’re doing.

Rebook Percentage: Analyze your rebook percentage and
set a daily goal. It’s the key to increased frequency of visit. Don’t ask the client for an appointment date—utilize your software to know which openings make sense and offer those. If your software provides chairside checkout or mobile rebook capabilities, let the service provider book an appointment before the client reaches the front desk.

Use Help: Most software companies offer documentation and free educational videos on best practices. Spend time looking into them and bring back nuggets of information to your next team huddle.