Meet Adir Abergel: The Hairstylist Whose Looks Have Achieved Star Status on the Red Carpet

Adir Abergel

Few words best sum up Adir Abergel’s (@hairbyadir) career as a Hollywood hairstylist than “in demand.” Using hair as his principal medium, he deftly challenges red carpet conventions to exquisite effect, integrating beauty and originality into a single expression. Consider Rooney Mara’s fierce braided updo that was one of the most buzzed about styles at the 2016 Golden Globes or Saoirse Ronan’s gold-twined braids spotted at the same event that set a major trend. And, let’s not forget about Kristen Stewart’s distinctive punk style and bleached white strands that made headlines at the 2016 Met Gala, or Gwyneth Paltrow’s chic low pony at the 2012 Oscars that remains a cult classic to this day. “I’m a big believer in celebrating individual style, creating the most beautiful and interesting hair possible and making women feel confident,” says Abergel, whose skill coupled with his loving energy have allowed him to establish long-term relationships with a loyal celebrity following.

Abergel with Jennifer Garner

At the outset, Abergel intended to be a professional dancer but an injury forced him to consider his second love: hair. At 15, he landed a gig in Los Angeles as apprentice to legendary stylist Arthur John at his namesake salon. “He used to do everyone from Chaka Khan to Tina Turner, Olivia Newton-John, The Carpenters and Zsa Zsa Gabor,” says Abergel of John, who was also the stylist behind Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia buns and Jennifer Beals’ Flashdance shag. As Abergel recounted to Allure magazine in February 2017, “Arthur was a genius and really taught me how to do what I love, which is hair. He could take two hairs and make them into a sculpture.”


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With Reese Witherspoon

Abergel’s career trajectory eventually segued from salons to sets in the 1990s, where he crafted hair for music videos, working with the likes of Missy Elliott, Jewel, Britney Spears and TLC. He then landed a plum job with actress Jennifer Garner, who was starring in the hit TV series Alias at the time, ultimately leading Abergel to become the artist behind some of Hollywood’s hottest hairstyles. 

With Jessica Biel

These days, Abergel, who also serves as creative director of biotech haircare brand Virtue Labs, is immersed in planning and prepping for the 2018 Hollywood awards season. “January is already getting really busy—it kicks off with the Golden Globes on January 7,” says Abergel, who likes to go to the library and pore through books on different time periods and cultures or turn to nature, looking at mountains or sculptural rocks for ideas on shapes and textures to source inspiration. “It is very individual to my client. The most important thing for me is not to homogenize everyone. I love to celebrate individuality.”

With Diane Kruger

With Eiza Gonzalez

With Deepika Padukone

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