John Harms on Community Involvement

Q:  I love being a part of this industry and my community, and I want to give back in some way. What are some things that I can do?

A:  Being an active member of the community goes beyond going to work and paying taxes; it also means assisting in the health of the community. The nature of what we do in the beauty industry is to help others feel their best, so it only makes sense that the beauty industry be one of the most charitable. 

We’ve seen through the likes of Mark Bustos and his #BeAwesomeToSomebody movement, how a haircut can motivate a person to make a positive change in their life; through Martino Cartier, and Friends Are by Your Side, the impact that a donation of hair has on another person; and through Paul Mitchell’s FUNdraiser, how cut-a-thons and car washes can raise millions of dollars. 

Most of what I discuss goes back to the culture created within your salon. Giving back to your community on a local or national level should be instilled within your culture. Partner with a local organization, host a holiday fundraiser or event, or commit to making an annual donation. (It doesn’t have to monetary; you can donate toys around the holidays, etc.) One of our clients meets with their team quarterly to assemble lunch bags for a local food bank; another one of our clients raises funds to participate in a marathon. We will never run out of ways to help another person; it’s just a matter of finding a cause that makes sense to you and making a conscious effort.

Millennium prides itself on community involvement because without our community, there would be no Millennium. We make it a point to support local efforts, national efforts, and industry efforts. If you aren’t sure how you can help, speak to your team. Let your team know that you would like to become more involved in the community and ask for suggestions. Including your coworkers in the process will help make them feel like they are a part of something bigger. 

You work to maintain the overall health of your business; find time to invest in the health of your community. Just like holding the door open for someone or sharing a smile with a stranger, the smallest act can change the course of someone’s life. 

John Harms
Millennium Systems Internationa, Founder and CEO

About: John Harms, Founder & CEO of Millennium Systems International, creator of Millennium Software, has been designing industry leading salon scheduling software and educating the beauty & wellness industry since 1987. Today Millennium is utilized in thousands of businesses in over 38 countries and operating with approximately 150+ employees worldwide.  Millennium currently runs its corporate headquarters out of New Jersey and its international office is based in the U.K.