Industry Icons Share How To Build Your Brand, Business and Profile

The biggest objective of Leading Ladies is to inspire others to believe in themselves and their dreams while charting their own journey courageously | photo courtesy of Tracey Hughes

Tracey Hughes and education go hand-in-hand. A long-time hairstylist, entrepreneur and educator, Hughes’ approach is driven by transformation through education. Now, an icon in the industry, she’s using her platform to share her knowledge with others. This year, for the first time ever, Hughes will be bringing her Leading Ladies program to the International Beauty Show New York.

“Because our industry is over 85 percent female, we wanted to celebrate the female leaders that are really are making a difference and to create a community of support for the industry as a whole,” Hughes says. The brainchild of Tracey Hughes and Candy Shaw, Leading Ladies is an honest and realistic program that dives deep into what it takes for someone to reach the top in the beauty industry. Emcee Mark Bustos will guide the conversation between Candy Shaw, Kris Sorbie, Najah Aziz, Ruth Roche and Tracey Hughes, who will share their respective stories about what it takes to succeed. 

“We aim to provide the audience with a raw, emotional, honest and heartfelt look into life on the road and in the limelight,” Hughes says. “We also dive into the quest for that all elusive “balance” between work and life. In addition, Leading Ladies provides the opportunity to look at different perspectives on how to build your profile, brand, and business,” she says.


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Here, Hughes shares five reasons for why you won’t want to miss this weekend’s segment:

  1. You will be empowered by successful women to believe in yourself.
  2. You will receive such invaluable business advice.
  3. You will be moved by their heartfelt stories and realize that we all face the same challenges.
  4. You will learn solid tips on how to grow your business and how to achieve your career goals.
  5. You will leave feeling you are part of a community that truly cares about supporting each other.

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