Lydia Sarfati Shares Tips to Recreate Eye-Catching Window Displays

Even if you don’t have the budget for the kind of high-tech window displays you see at major department stores, you can still create interest and excite those who pass by your salon or spa. Lydia Sarfati, founder and CEO of Repêchage, suggests thinking of your window display as your personal billboard. “Keep your display balanced, clean and clutter-free, but still have a little fun with it,” says Sarfati, who offers these tips for reating an eye-catching window display that’s sure to get attention and increase sales. 

Turn heads and drive foot traffic with window displays that hit all the right notes.

1. Keep It Seasonal 
Just as Neiman Marcus highlights shoes for each new season, you want to keep it seasonal as well. Embrace the bold colors of each season, incorporate bold shapes and even try to create a unique theme within your display to catch people’s attention. 


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2. Let Your Windows Do The Talking
Be smart in what you choose to display. You want to create a focal point at eye level, and ideally you should be showcasing products or treatments you’re currently promoting. The idea is to let passersby know what’s going on inside your salon or spa, peek their interest and jumpstart a conversation when they walk through the door. 

3. Reflect Your Salon’s Culture 
If you are a super high-end salon, your window display needs to send that message loud and clear to anyone passing by. You can hire a professional freelance designer to take over the job and coordinate accordingly. However, feel free to take on the project yourself. Translucent posters that you can display on the window and switch out.