New York City's Flatiron District is the New Beauty Destination

A decade ago, opening a salon on New York’s tony Upper East Side (above 50th and between Madison and Park) meant you were ready to play in the big leagues. Conventional wisdom held, and still does in some cases, that wealthy women would not go “downtown” to have their hair cut or colored. But there’s been a shift in the paradigm. Recently some of the most recognizable names in beauty have set up shop in the Flatiron District (between 14th and 23rd Streets in the Chelsea and Gramercy Park neighborhoods).

Warren-Tricomi Salon
Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi have established their multiple salons throughout New York City, Connecticut and Japan as one-stop beauty destinations. But when the need for a downtown location arose, the talented duo looked to the Flatiron District. “We chose Flatiron because we found that in New York, it was getting harder and harder for clients to travel throughout the city,” says Warren. “We wanted to expand our presence in New York to ensure that our clients have easy accessibility to the salon regardless of their location.”
Riccardo Maggiore Salon
Riccardo Maggiore has been in the business for more than 20 years, establishing two successful salons in the city. The hair connoisseur’s first salon was set up on midtown’s storied 57th Street alongside neighbors like Frédéric Fekkai, Pierre Michel and Cutler Salon. For his second salon in Flatiron, Maggiore responded to his downtown customers’ requests for a salon closer to them. “The people in this area demand the best, and they no longer have to go uptown or midtown to get it. We are bringing them the best that beauty has to offer,” says Maggiore. “Flatiron is experiencing economic and cultural growth. It’s not surprising to see beauty companies and businesses popping up or establishing roots here in this centrally located area of the city.”
Tosler Davis
When stylist Alan Tosler and colorist Sean Davis opened their salon in 1999, the neighborhood was still very up-and-coming with a smattering of delis and diners. “We were attracted to the architecture and quirky vibe,” Davis says. “Alan and I had worked together in the West Village, and we did not want to stray too far from our clients’ homes. We also felt that the having proximity to Union Square would ensure that our clients, and future clients, would be able to get to us,” says Davis. With a core clientele made up of artists, photographers, gallerists, and fashion industry insiders, the pair’s attraction for the central location is understandable as the creative industries are in close proximity to the Flatiron District.
Ted Gibson Salon
Ted Gibson is a beauty pioneer in more ways than one. The renowned mane master and entrepreneur was one of the first to stake claim in the Flatiron. “At the time, there weren’t any high-end salons in the neighborhood. There wasn’t even a Starbucks. We saw a lot of opportunity here,” says Gibson, who created a modern loft-like space with a boutique philosophy of highly curated services, making it one of the district’s foremost salons. “It’s nice to be a part of the new beauty destination in Manhattan. It’s even nicer to have been one of the first to lead the way.”
Eva Scrivo Salon
Acclaimed hair and makeup artist, Eva Scrivo, opened her salon in Flatiron because it was a more convenient and central location. “A friend and client, who’s a successful hotelier, told me that Flatiron was ‘ground zero’ for New York City. There’s so much activity there—shopping, business, residential, along with mass transportation,” she says. “Nearly all of our clients have followed us to the new salon and are absolutely thrilled with the convenience of the new location. At the same time, we’ve been getting many new clients who found our previous location on the Upper East Side inconvenient.”


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