17 Top Beauty Pros Share Their Hopes for 2018

James Pecis
James Pecis, Oribe Global Ambassador

At the end of every year, it’s only natural to start dreaming about the year to come. We talked to some of our industry’s biggest movers and shakers, and asked them, “What do you hope happens in 2018?”

Oribe Global Ambassador 

My hope for 2018 is for businesses and individuals to continue to grow, while performing in a responsible and progressive way that preserves our earth for a better tomorrow.

Helen of Troy VP of Marketing

I wish that people would remember their manners when engaging on social media. As I watch talented artists on YouTube and Instagram, I am appalled at the cruel things people say. I hope people find peace and give each other encouragement. We all need to feel kindness to flourish.

GIBS Grooming Director of Education

It’s said that, “A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. And, a plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.” My hope for the New Year is that we all take more action in 2018, and make more dreams become realities.

Morgan Taylor Brand Namesake

In 2018 we want to `partner with more organizations in hopes of making a difference in the community.

Morgan Taylor Brand Namesake

In times of uncertainty, we hope that nails continue to be an outlet for creativity, bringing happiness into people’s everyday lives. 

Goldwell Artistic Team Director, US & International Artist

My hope for the industry in 2018 is a new dawn of education through social media and videos. Sharing a new look on social media is great, but sharing the craft behind the look is elevation.

Aloxxi Artistic Advisor

I hope that the world will be free of violence, racism and hate, where love is our language, no matter where you are from or the color of your skin.

John Paul Mitchell Systems Global Artistic & Business Director

My wish for the entire beauty industry is to take more risks. Risk smiling first. Risk talking to strangers. Risk going shorter. Risk teaching a class. Risk your ego. Risk assisting someone else. No risk, no reward.

PRORITUALS Creative Director

In 2018 I would like to see more women recognized as leaders in our industry. So many women have brought creativity to the table and they aren’t properly recognized for their contribution. 

Repêchage CEO and Founder

I hope that licensed professionals begin to recommend products for their clients to use at home, increasing revenue through retail sales. Otherwise, we will see more companies making an exodus to the retail market, or the multinational companies gobble them up.

Sexy Hair Artistic Director 

I have been blessed to be able to travel the world and help others realize their creative potential. My goal for 2018 is to continue on this incredible journey and inspire others to embrace the diversity of our profession.

Grande Cosmetics CEO 

In 2018, I want Grande Cosmetics to engage with spa and salon partners via Facebook Live and other social media outlets. I’d like to make sure spas and salons have education on Grande Cosmetics to increase their sales. 

Olivia Garden VP of Marketing & Sales

I sincerely hope that 2018 is a very quiet year in terms of human and planetary tragedies. I also wish for a greater and deeper appreciation for human life worldwide.

Brazilian Professionals Global Director of Education

I wish to keep growing the brand with my amazing team, and come out with mind-blowing products and services that help hairstylists make more money, while giving their clients hair like they’ve never seen before.

Matrix Artistic Director 

There’s never been a time in history when hairdressers had more amazing tools in their hands, from cutting-edge color to fabulous education. I’m excited and hopeful to see the beauty that 2018 brings. 

Bodyography Creative Director

My wish for 2018 is for the world and the beauty industry to continue to be inclusive of everyone’s definition of beauty. I hope to see less edited imagery, less Facetune and more easily obtainable looks, along with more multifunctional products, more freckles and even more wrinkles.

Aveda Global Creative Director

This year I am really excited about getting closer to the incredible artists in our Aveda Network. Any way I can connect with them is key for my own continued growth as an artist. I love to surprise an Aveda salon with a cake, a chat and a cup of Aveda Tea.