A Look Inside Beverly Hills' Newest Beauty Oasis

Tina Dizon had planned to renovate her seven-chair Beverly Hills, CA salon, The Private Room, once it celebrated its 10th anniversary. But last summer, what was supposed to be a simple fix for a leak became an unexpected demolition and earlier-than-expected remodel, she says.

Dizon knew she had to put on a brave face for her team. “My outlook was, ‘OK, this is happening,’ rather than, ‘Why?’ I could take this opportunity to build something and introduce new signature services, because that’s what The Private Room is about.” She closed doors for nearly six months and moved her staff of five into a neighboring salon that generously shared its space.

Fast-forward, the salon is open for business, chicer than ever and has a revamped menu. In addition to a Color POP! hair chalking station, Bang Station, Hair Elixirs and GLOSSary semi-permanent glosses, it’s introduced the Locks Lab, which focuses solely on extensions, from retail to maintenance.


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The menu helps guide clients, Dizon says. “They can look at it and say, ‘This sounds like me,’ rather than struggle to find the words for what they want.”

The Private Room’s Locks Lab is all about hair extensions.

The new energy even inspired Dizon to create a professional education program at the Locks Lab and online video tutorials and how-tos.

A 3-D wall and pops of aqua provide a visual contrast.

As far as the new look, The Private Room boasts a palette of black and white with pops of aqua, an eye-catching 3-D wall, a high-gloss ceiling, Dizon’s photography, and a selfie area with a rotating backdrop. “I love it when new clients come in because, like me, when they walk through the door they have the biggest smile on their face.”

Salon owner Tina Dizon’s photography hangs on the walls.

Dizon’s positive attitude certainly helped sweeten a sour situation.

The bathroom’s Gibson Girl-inspired wallpaper.

“Every day is another step,” she says. “I wake up and think, ‘What’s the best path to get to the top of the mountain?’ I don’t know that it’s a secret, or if it’s perseverance and faith that I’m doing the best I can. I want to be a good leader—not just a boss.”