Q and A with Denman's Stage Star Winner

This past October, the first ever Denman Stage Star Competition took place in London at Salon International, the UK’s largest hair show. The contest was created to seek out the next up-and-coming stage artists, and give them a platform to showcase their talents. Of the thousands of applications, and the six finalists who showed at the Denman Main Stage, 22-year-old Nicole Dodd of Stuart Holmes Hair & Beauty was named the winner. She made her debut at the International Beauty Show (IBS) in New York this March.

AS What did winning the Denman Stage Star competition mean for you?

ND Denman has always been a brand close to my heart. Ever since I started training as a hairdresser I have used their products and they have been with me throughout my hairdressing journey. I'm still growing into my skills and to be working along side them is a dream come true.


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AS What did you do to prepare for the trip with Denman to IBS?

ND I was invited over to Denman’s HQ in Northern Ireland to see how the brushes are made and to discuss the new products shown at IBS. I was busy working on creative ways to use Denman tools to create looks, so that I would have a lot to show on stage.

AS How has social media helped your hairdressing career? 

ND I think social media is such a powerful tool in our industry. You can broadcast your work and target your audience with clever hashtags and locations. I use social media to get inspiration, show off my work, communicate with other hairdressers—even get models. It’s a great way to promote yourself and your business, and to get noticed

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