Sage Advice: Rodney Cutler

Appearing regularly on the Rachel Ray Show, as well as traveling the country giving lectures on the fusion of fashion and beauty, Rodney Cutler has made quite a name for himself (he owns four salons in NYC. We talked to his salon manager, Jeff Vicente, to get to the heart of what it takes to run a successful salon. 

His Top Five Tips for Successful Salons
1. Have consistent, ongoing meetings with every service provider on a monthly basis going over client metrics, retention rates and retail sales. 
2. Be aware of your service providers’ individual progress to gauge when they are due for price increases/commission raises.
3. Communicate with your vendor at least quarterly to find out what new products are being released and how you can best leverage their launches into retail sales.
4. Schedule product knowledge sessions around every launch to make sure your staff is informed and educated.
5. When your stylists fall in love with a product they come across as authentic and not sales-y.

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