Charlie Price's Latest Collection Radiates Femininity

“I wanted no gimmicks—just polished beauty.”—Charlie Price(David Rossa)

Some women simply ooze femininity, from their clothing to the fragrances and hairstyles they wear. Charlie Price envisioned this ultra-feminine woman for his latest collection, which he titled Perfume, “because it was the most intensely feminine word I could think of,” he says. “These ladies undoubtedly would smell divine if they walked by.” Price was also inspired by New York City designer Georgine Ratelband, whose aesthetic is feminine and elegantly sexy. This collection gave Price the chance to do what he loves most: “create gorgeous, sexy, ladylike hair that’s highly groomed, healthy and shiny. I wanted no gimmicks—just polished beauty.”

Charlie Price

Of all Price’s looks, this one had the most youthful exuberance. Even with its cool-girl asymmetry, the softness in the wavy fringe and luminous blonde color gave the look a touch of femininity. “She’s the glamorous bad girl,” says Price. “She’s classic with a twist, confident and sexy, but never vulgar.”


Even in Price’s ultra-femme world, he couldn’t resist adding a touch of androgyny. “This short cut had a long fringe that was styled slightly androgynous,” says Price. Slicking back the sides with pomade and twirling pieces upward created a very shapely hairstyle, which was perfectly mimicked in the hyper-feminine outline of the Georgine floral brocade dress.


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Price wanted this collection to be a celebration of femininity and the beauty of womanhood. For this look, he used a glassy curling-iron set to create smooth, beautiful waves. And, to evoke the soft sensuality of the model’s curves, Price separated and highlighted a single section of hair.

To create this voluminous look, Price rag-set the model’s hair. Using generous amounts of mousse and hairspray, he created a foundation of loose curls that he outwardly pulled apart for added body. Once the model slipped into her sexy floral-pattern dress, she couldn’t help but strike a pose.

Photography: David Rossa
Hair Assistant: Stephan Lauren
Fashion Styling: Georgine NYC
Makeup: Tiaja Pierre