Social Beauty: Nina Kovner Discusses the Art of the Hashtag

Hashtags became a widely known search and discover tool in the late 2000’s and now have become not only a discovery tool, but a branding tool as well.  

By using hashtags, we invite people to find us, to talk about us and most importantly, for us to listen to conversations and trends. While Twitter was originally most associated with hashtags, they have now become an absolute must on Instagram, and are gaining popularity on Facebook—again as a search and discovery tool. 

My three rules of hashtags: 

 1. Use popular and relevant hashtags for your subject matter and target audience. If you’re not sure, search for them and see what’s popular. Each platform has a search function that allows us to discover hashtags.  

2. Use your branded hashtag always. Why? So people can discover your content. It keeps your content super organized, and allows others to use your hashtag so you can see when people are posting about you, and you can say “thank you.”  

3. Use your local hashtags. By using local hashtags, people in your area can easily find you. Example: Passion Squared is a national business, so I only use popular and relevant hashtags and my branded hashtag. #americansalon (my target audience) #salonbusiness (relevant to my content and target audience) and #passionsquared (my branded hashtag). 

Time-saving tip Put all your hashtags in the notes section of your mobile device and just copy and paste them in the comments section of your post. This also makes your posts much cleaner than cluttering them with a ton of hashtags. #yourwelcome 

Business-boosting tip Be sure to add your branded hashtag to your business card, salon menus, window signs and brochures to help encourage your clients and community to use it when posting about your biz.  

So now its time to take action, do the work, and remember, consistency is key. Unless you are a Kardashian, Beyoncé or Justin Bieber, hashtags can and will increase your engagement and awesomeness on social platforms. #truth  

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