Social Beauty: What Makes a Photo Good?

There is no doubt that photo and video content rule our social worlds, but the question that gets asked so often is: What makes a good photo?

Two areas to consider when crafting your content for your social pages:



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  1. Is the photo consistent with your brand story? Whether it’s the lighting or the look, be mindful that every photo you post tells some kind of story. And, make sure it's relevant to your current and future clients?
  2. Quality, quality, quality. Quality above all else. In this noisy social world, why would I stop and double tap the picture? If you saw the picture, would you engage yourself as a client?

Here are some things to consider when capturing an awesome photo:

  1. Lighting. Don't have a natural light source? Get a ring light. It’s worth the investment. 
  2. Background. Create a clean, clear space free of distractions to capture your images. Use it, consistently, every time. Stay away from patterns, dark walls and clutter. 
  3. Capture a lot of photos. Take the time to take at least 10 pictures from different angles. From there, choose the ones that tell the story the best.
  4. Apps are our friends. Not for filtering, but for formatting, framing and creating a compelling story consistent with your brand. Some of my faves: Pic Stitch, Pic Play Post, Diptic, WordSwag and Afterlight. 

Lastly, it's usually not your lack of ability to take photos—we all have access to phones that have awesome cameras on them. It’s more about creating a space to capture the experience. The world has changed, and clients are passionate about connecting with brands and businesses that inspire them. Knowing that, as a salon owner or stylist, it may be time to rethink the amount of time you spend with each client. It all comes down to a decision. The rest is fairly simple.