Behind the Brand: System Professional

Christina McCarver, System Professional, Director of Education

When it comes to professional hair care, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. That’s the core message behind System Professional. “The world of hair care is a relationship business, and nothing makes someone feel more special than when we cater to their individual needs,” says Christina McCarver, System Professional, Director of Education. After experiencing this tailor-made diagnosis system myself, I was hooked on their methodology and excited to sit down with McCarver to learn more about the brand.

Q. What makes the System Professional consultation process so unique?
For the client, they receive a consultation with their stylist, going through a series of guided questions from our diagnosis app. The experience is highly valued by clients because it reveals aspects of their hair that they might not have known. For the stylist, the diagnosis process takes the guesswork out of what products to recommend. But, if the app generates an Energy Code—our personalized System Professional regimen—that the stylist wants to adjust, they have the freedom to do that. For the salon owner, we’ve found that when a client is given an Energy Code Mapping diagnosis, they have a tendency to purchase a minimum of two products on average.  

System Professional’s model muse, Poppy Delevingne

Q. Can you tell us more about Energy Codes and the System Professional Energy Code Complex? 
A. Energy Codes are basically the codes that represents the client’s regimen. For example, my current Energy Code is H1+R2+C3. Each letter represents the benefit, and the number represents the type of product. So, mine is Hydrate Shampoo (1), Repair Conditioner (2) and Color Mask (3). The Energy Code Complex is the complex of ingredients trademarked by System Professional. It is a combination of four ingredients that care for both the hair and scalp: histidine to help remove copper buildup and repair the hair; lipids to replenish the hair; caffeine to stimulate blood circulation, and vitamin B3 amide to soothe and moisturize the scalp. 


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A System Professional regimen

Q. How do the app and microscope tool work together?
The System Professional App generates a unique Energy Code for the client after going through questions guided by the stylists. The microscope diagnosis tool has the ability to magnify the scalp, so the stylist can see the health of the scalp and follicles, noting if there are any thinning concerns. The tool can also magnify the hair cuticle, showing the client things like damage and split ends. They work well together because the microscope drives home the need for their specific Energy Code and the prescribed System Professional products. The EnergyCode consultation app is complimentary for all System Professional salons and the microscope is included in a comprehensive Care Bar package. 

*Please contact [email protected] for more information on pricing and options for your salon.