Vaughn Acord Shares Tips to Grow Male Clientele

The men’s grooming market  is booming right now. And the question all salon owners should be asking themselves is, ‘Am I maximizing the potential of the male clientele?’ According to Vaughn Acord, hairstylist at Mizu Salon in New York City for V76, the value of the male client is unlimited. “Because men are loyal, it’s important to think intelligently about attracting, building and retaining their business. They want to be comfortable, but they don’t want to sit around for a long time. Create a destination for them that’s efficient with their time so they want to come back,” he says. Part of that retention comes from the art of pulling off a proper men’s consultation. Ask questions because it’s about knowing where he’s coming from and listening so you can get a handle on who is the client. “The ‘well-groomed man’ is a confident guy who is trying to achieve   the look of putting himself together in the morning and being good-to-go for the rest of the day. There’s a relaxed, effortless handsomeness about him,” says Acord. Finding out the type of ‘well-groomed man’ sitting in the chair is the key to keeping him coming back for more.

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