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Bumble and bumble (Bb) is no stranger to success in cyberspace. Its mini-site, spraydemode.com, has caused a sensation among bloggers and fans. The cheeky site mixes over-the-top theatrics, high fashion and clever parody to create an interactive and informative advertisement for Bb's Spray de Mode hairspray.

To continue its strong Web presence, Bb relaunched bumbleandbumble.com in July 2008. The expanded Web site—complete with behind-the-scenes footage of fashion week and interviews with the hottest stylists in hair—proves that this company has its finger on the pulse of popular culture. "Bumble promotes education, individuality and wit in hairdressing above all else, and you'll find that those principles inform our new Web site," says Bb President Peter Lichtenthal.

The Web site provides quality entertainment, but more importantly, it also provides quality service. Many visitors to the site are looking for a retail experience. Since the relaunch, Bb prohibits other Web sites from selling its products. This enables Bb to guarantee its consumers authentic products, and to control the brand's image.


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The product page features Bb's innovative haircare campaign
The product page features Bb's innovative haircare campaign

Not authorizing other Web sites to sell Bb products also boosts business for the company's extensive network of salons. A salon-finder function on the Web site directs visitors to network salons in their area. The salons in the network can receive an industry-best commission if a client clicks through to bumbleandbumble.com from a link on their salon's personal Web site. When consumers visit bumbleandbumble.com directly, they'll be prompted to identify their local salon by a pop-up list, and that salon will receive a commission on the sale. "At multiple occasions during the online purchasing process, customers will be prompted to select their Bb salon, not only ensuring that the customer remains familiar with their stylist and salon, but also driving business and increasing awareness of local Bb retail outlets," Lichtenthal says.

The product details page includes how-to videos
The product details page includes how-to videos

These new Web features were developed with the help of careful research. According to Bb's public relations team, Bb conducted interviews with consumers, salon owners, stylists, Bb editorial stylists and Bb network educators. The company also looked at data from its old site, watched for what people were looking for online, and studied other Web sites to see what was successful and what wasn't. As a result of the research, Bb has launched a site that effectively educates the consumer not only about Bumble and bumble, but about the craft of hairdressing, as well. —A.P.

The Style Book shows fresh looks
The Style Book shows fresh looks

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