What I Wish I Knew in Beauty School: Missy Croquart

A fierce, 19-year-old Croquart, showcasing her skills on the Sexy Hair stage (left) and today’s Croquart (right).

During beauty school, Missy Croquart, (@mcroquart) Senior Education Artistic Training Manager for Sexy Hair, never imagined that updos would constitute such a big portion of her business. But after she graduated from beauty school, the demand for intricate updos overwhelmed Croquart. Now, she looks back on her “updo learning adventure” and shares what led her to styling success.

Dear “Beauty School Missy,”

          You’re going to learn a lot in beauty school, but there are certain skills you’re going to figure out “the hard way” after graduation. One of the biggest challenges you’re going to face is mastering upstyling. Sure, beauty school is going to give you the basics—how to use a marcel iron, bobby pin placement and a few standard braids—but a huge portion of your clients are going to be requesting elaborate updos for weddings, parties, proms and special occasions. Prepare yourself, these clients can have waist-long hair that’s thicker than three horsetails, and they’re going to request a mash-up of three super-complicated updos they found Pinterest—thanks, Internet. Oh, and did I tell you, these future updo clients might be running late. At first these updo clients are going to make you nervous. You’re going to feel overwhelmed. And one time you’re even going to break down 20 minutes into the service. But don’t worry; over time you’re going to figure out these three upstyling tips that’ll help you master the art of updos. 
          First, invest in an upstyling kit—it should be as expansive as your product kit. Make sure you have: duckbill clips; t-rex clips; a metal-tail comb; a brush for back brushing; a boar-bristle paddle brush; hairnets; bobby pins in light, medium and dark; hairpins in light, medium and dark, and elastics in brown, black and clear.                                                                                                                     Second, realize you’re going to need around three to five products for every updo. Find a great thermal protectant, paste, dry working spray, setting spray and shine or weather-proofing spray.
          Third, find a great class that sharpens your upstyling skills. Taking an updo-focused class—like Sexy Hair Upstyling Classes featuring a five point system—is going to change your life. It’s going to give you a roadmap, helping your feel more confident no matter who sits in your chair, and no matter what complicated style they reference. Taking an upstyling class is going to reduce your stress tremendously, maximizing your time and efficiency. Keep at those braids, curls, twists, knots and rolls “Beauty School Missy.” Mastering them is going to launch your career and put you on the right foot. 

You can do it!
“Future Missy”

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