Why Every Salon Needs a Selfie Station

The power of a selfie is undeniable. And guests love taking selfies after getting their hair freshly done. So why not capitalize on the moment by setting up a selfie station right in your salon? Creating an area in the salon specifically designated for clients to take selfies of their fabulous new look is a quick, easy way to raise your salon’s profile, promote your stylists’ skills and help build up your customer base.

“We would find that clients would sometimes snap a selfie in their car after their appointment or once they got home, and they might talk about their new hairstyle, but they didn’t always mention the salon or the stylist,” says KL Christoffersen (@mermicornhair), owner of Cheeky Strut Salon in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Our selfie station is in a place surrounded by natural sunlight so clients get great pictures. It’s a great, organic way to advertise the salon.” 

Johnny Ramirez (@johnnyramirez1), co-owner of Ramirez Tran Salon in Beverly Hills, CA says a selfie station keeps his salon feeling modern and current. “We have a traditional white wall, but some of our stylists like using the brick wall outside for a more street style-chic look,” says Ramirez. 

And lighting is key. “Vanity type lighting works really well as do LED fluorescent light bulbs that can change from warm to cool. Also, a ring light that’s dimmable is major,” says Linh Phan (@bescene), CEO and founder of BESCENE STUDIOS. “Every salon should have selfie lighting to capture the amazing work that you’ve spent time on. It could lead to a repost from a major publication like American Salon.”

If you’re a booth renter or work out of a salon suite, you may not have the space for a selfie station, but you can still get in on the action. Add a decal or sign to your normal working mirror with your Instagram handle and personalized hashtag. The payoff from a salon selfie station is definitely worth the minimal effort and cost involved. 

Selfie Station Checklist:

  • A backdrop (a clean wall or custom step-and-repeat)
  • Good lighting (ring lights are a great investment)
  • Themed props (optional but a good way to boost the salon’s profile)
  • A sign or decal with your salon’s Instagram handle and suggested hashtags