Word Play with BaByliss4Barbers' Sofie Pok

Photography: Courtesy Of Babylisspro/Sofie Pok

When you have to use up your lunch hour to catch up on your schedule because a client is late. It always makes you a little “hangry.”

Pedal to the metal
Video games. Back when I was a kid, I was addicted to Grand Theft Auto.

Early on I tried to figure out ways to be different from everybody else—that’s where all the tattoos started coming in. Now people just know me for that. Find your own light that separates you from everyone else.


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Finger lickin’ good
Popeyes chicken. I love it with rice and ketchup. 

When I first moved to L.A. from Orange County, I thought, Oh, it’s only a city away. I’ll be good. And the experience really humbled me a lot. It taught me that you shouldn’t get too comfortable. You’ve always got to push yourself. 

Practice makes perfect
Sometimes you can practice the same thing over and over, but it gets you nowhere. It’s really perfect practice makes perfect.

Bite your tongue
The only way to survive in this industry. 

One of my deepest fears has always been public speaking. This last year I faced that fear and it’s been the biggest transformation of my life, being able to come onboard with the education team and talk in front of hundreds of people. It’s affected every part of my life.

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