Word Play: Mark Bustos

Mark Bustos, (@markbustos) founder of #BeAwesomeToSomebody, hairdresser and humanitarian, plays word association with Executive Editor Andrea Dawn Clark.

Fall in love At least once in your life.

Weapon Our minds can be very deadly weapons. We just need to know how to polish them, hone them and use them the right way.


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New Year New start.

Father What I’m about to become. I’m really excited. I know it’s going to change my life for the better.

Razor Another extremity. I’ve had a razor in my hand for more than half of my life.

Broadway Not for me.

Smile Making someone smile is a beautiful thing. When a client receives a good haircut and smiles, it’s a feel-good endorphin blast for him and the hairdresser. 

Rain check An excuse for not getting shit done.

Island A place we all need to experience. I just got back from the Philippines. I spent five days alone on an island—lots of rest, relaxation and reflection on life. 

Spice Don’t take life so seriously all the time. Add a little spice every so often.