Word Play: Mia Liguori

Mia Liguori, Co-President Creative, Scruples Professional Salon Products, plays word association with Executive Editor Andrea Dawn Clark.

Wouldn’t be caught dead In ugly shoes.

Lipstick Essential.


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Sculpture In 1983 we had a permanent wave called Sculpture Wave. It was back when ringlet curls and tight perms were in—you know, curl your hair for Jesus.

Red carpet My natural habitat.

Powerful Blonde. People think blondes are ditzy, but I think they’re powerful.

Milkshake Something I adore, but rarely allow myself to have.

Best of both worlds Being able to have that milkshake and not gain any weight.

Miss the boat When I was 19 I had the opportunity to study abroad. But, I was dating a boy, and I thought I was in love. Where is he now? Don't know, don't care. Not studying abroad is a huge regret. 

Meltdown I have an emotional meltdown the day before every photo shoot. 

Determined To get through my inbox.

Tears Cleansing. Whether it’s for joy, sadness or even anger, after a good cry you always feel better.