You Only Need 5 Minutes for a Great Consultation

Too often, one of the greatest opportunities to create a stronger business is missed within the first few minutes of an appointment—the consultation. Redken Global Artistic Ambassador Sam Villa is offering a free three-part video series featuring Andrew Carruthers, education director for Sam Villa, and master business coach, Steve Gomez, to explore the topic.  

Gomez shares his discoveries from coaching over 250 salons to help hairdressers overcome their perceptions of the consultation process. He offers creative insight on how to truly build relationships, as well as opportunities to increase income. And, his information appeals to all levels within the salon, from those just out of school all the way to the veteran Master Stylist.

“Stylists let consultation time slip by because they have a perception that they’re too busy to slow down and take the time that’s necessary to dig deep…and some are just unsure of where to start or what to say,” explains Gomez.

Part one of the three-part video series focuses on time perception and ways to incorporate the five minutes needed for a quality consultation that can help a salon professional make more money. 

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