The Zen of Beauty

Celebrity stylist Billy Yamaguchi explains how to incorporate Feng Shui into your salon practice. 

FENG SHUI IS AN ANCIENT ASIAN PHILOSOPHY and science based on the study of energy, but it’s no longer just about the placement of objects. Stylist Billy Yamaguchi— owner of Yamaguchi Salon in Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village and Billy Yamaguchi Inner Chi Salon & Spa in Ventura, CA—has been practicing Feng Shui in his salon since 2000. He was among the first to integrate Feng Shui into modern beauty techniques, which he applies to hair color, cutting, styling and even makeup. Yamaguchi focuses on the five basic elements: earth, fire, metal, water and wood; and after a consultation with the client, he creates a look that will enhance their personal power and inner beauty based on their energy.

During a consultation, the client is asked four questions about their personality and lifestyle, along with colors they believe are representative of those. They are also given a sniff test with blind essential oils, which help to discover which elements they are. For each element, Yamaguchi offers a specific color technique and will also make dietary, fashion, and lifestyle suggestions to complete the experience. “It is all about honoring your clients and yourself,” says Yamaguchi. “Our energy changes according to our experiences and the stages of our life. It isn’t just the latest fad or haircut—it is all about the client.”