3 Easy Ways to Boost Client Retention

This blog post originally appeared on Sola Salon Studios

There is a popular old business adage that empowers entrepreneurs to focus on customers that really matter. It is called the 80/20 rule, and it states that about 80 percent of your sales come from 20 percent of your clients. The rule indicates that if you focus on the most active 20 percent of your customers, they will generate 80 percent of your income. 

Client retention is your ability to keep your clients coming back for more. To maximize your client retention, it is best to focus the majority of your energy (and marketing dollars) on keeping those one in five customers who return again and again satisfied, as they generate the majority of your business. We put together three simple ways to keep those clients coming back for more:


Create promotions that keep clients coming back for additional services. Some ideas include:

  • A free blow out with their next haircut if they pre-book their next appointment before they leave your salon
  • Free nail designs on one nail if you are booked on a monthly nail maintenance schedule
  • A package of three spray tans for the price of one

The idea is to get them constantly committing to future services to lock-in that customer loyalty.


Your salon is an oasis for clients to experience personal maintenance, beauty pampering and even personal transformation. Make sure the setting matches these goals with some aesthetic updates for both style and comfort.

If your clients are drawn to the way that your space makes them feel, they’ll be more eager to keep coming back for more. Sometimes it's the little things—incredibly soft towels, calming music, lively plants or an oil diffuser that takes your salon experience to the next level and always leaves them dying to return to your salon again and again.

Booking and Follow Up

Are you making sure that booking is easy, seamless and hassle-free? Or is your best booking channel an informal and poorly timed text message?

If clients have a frustrating time booking with you, they will simply be less inclined to make the effort of booking an appointment. Make sure to use a user-friendly booking application/platform or plug-in on your website. 

Returning clients should be able to book an appointment online in under two minutes. The ease of booking is the first impression your customers get of your salon experience. An easy-to-use booking platform can also encourage returning customers to purchase other enticing services. This serves as a brilliant way to remind clients of your expansive service menu without you having to lift a finger! 

The best booking apps can automatically send clients appointment reminders with the option to confirm or reschedule in advance so you don't miss out on an opportunity because of a last-minute cancellation you didn't have enough time to fill. This ensures your clients show up and allows you to maintain a positive ongoing relationship with reliability and follow-through.