3 Steps To Finding Your Beauty Business Niche

Choosing a niche is a top strategy in running a successful beauty or grooming business. Offering a solution to unmet needs or underserved markets is a tried-and-true way to attract loyal clients and boost profitability.

But, establishing an area of specialty is not a decision you want to make lightly. 

Here are the steps to focusing in on your business niche: 

1.     Cater to Your Passions and Strengths. 

Small businesses face plenty of challenges. If you’re passionate about what you do — and have natural aptitude for the work you’re doing — it becomes much easier to nurture and grow your business despite those challenges.

Ask yourself these questions to drill down on your passions:

  • What do I enjoy doing the most? 
  • What topics do I most enjoy learning about? 

… and these questions to drill down on your strengths:

  • What skills come naturally to me? 
  • What areas am I most knowledgeable about? 

The areas where your interests and strengths overlap is the sweet spot — a great potential business niche.

2.     Assess Your Competition. 

Ideally, your niche will have high demand and low or sub-par competition. Scout out your direct competition: businesses with the same or similar areas of specialty, catering to your potential client base.

Evaluate the details your competitors offer such as pricing, marketing quality, and customer service standards. Strategize how your business can successfully compete.

3.     Know Your Niche’s Ideal Consumer. 

Identifying the specific client your business will target is crucial to determining if your niche will be profitable. The customer base should be large enough for a good return on the investment you’re about to make.

Once you have taken those steps, test out your new niche area—and launch!

Update your website, use social media consistently, and employ other marketing strategies to announce and celebrate your new area of specialty to your current and potential clients.


 Liz McKeon is a salon business coach and founder of The International Salon Business School. She’s the author of 30 Days to Beauty Business Success.

Salon coach Liz McKeon