Aveda Reaches New Sustainable Packaging Milestone

Aveda, the high-performance, plant-based hair care company with a mission of sustainability, has announced a partnership with leading packaging provider and woman-owned business, Xela Pack, in the development of prestige beauty’s first- ever paper-based, locally recyclable sachet. 

This partnership reflects Aveda’s commitment to implementing cutting edge innovations and the design-for-recyclability principles that are guided by Aveda’s mission, which is centered on environmental leadership and responsibility.

Aveda has been an industry trailblazer in delivering luxury sustainable packaging design and innovations, such as its use of 100 percent post-consumer recycled PET in packaging. To continue this journey, the brand is launching a new, superior solution for sampling applications.

In addition to being curbside recyclable by European and UK consumers at the end of life, the sachets have been designed with sustainability in mind. They were studied in detail through a peer-reviewed life-cycle assessment, which calculated a reduction of 36-68 percent in water consumption and 37-64 percent in emissions compared to multilaminate sachets commonly used in the industry, which are typically made by combining layers of polyester, polyethylene and aluminum, and which are not curbside recyclable due to their multi-material construction and small sizes.

"At Aveda, we understand the relevance of sampling our products in a sustainable way: in-line with our Mission, and without compromise on product quality or consumer experience," says Edmond Irizarry, Aveda’s executive director, global package developement. "I am extremely proud of our 3-year development partnership with Xela Pack to deliver this breakthrough sampling innovation. We look forward to expanding this technology to other markets, brands and categories in the near future.”

The new paper-based sachet is slated to launch in select countries in 2022.