Beautycon Returns to Usher in a New Era of Beauty

Beautycon, a global platform for beauty, fashion and lifestyle communities, is making its return with a new vision, mission, and creative.

Under the new ownership and management of Essence Ventures, LLC, Beautycon kicks off with the brand’s first in-person experiences since 2019, starting at the 2023 ESSENCE Festival of Culture presented by Coca-Cola in New Orleans from June 29-July 3, followed by a homecoming in the city where it all began, Los Angeles, later this year.

“For far too long the beauty industrial complex has defined an unattainable and synthetic standard for what beauty is that permeates the spirits, bodies and souls of humanity and creates a dissonance that causes diminishing self-worth and value which has led to a global mental and physical health crisis, fueled by the pursuit of the unrealistic standards of what is beautiful. As we re-activate Beautycon, we fully intend to not only democratize beauty, but to also reverse the sequence of importance by returning the definition back into the hands of individuals and holding brands and the beauty ecosystem accountable to following the lead of the individual instead of perpetuating an aesthetic of attraction as the standard on how to exist," said Caroline Wanga, president and CEO of Essence Ventures.

Known for its ubiquitous and culture-shifting programming, the 29th annual festival—ESSENCE Festival of Culture—is the perfect inaugural place to preview this new era of Beautycon among an audience, helmed by women who are the leading voices in their industries and communities.

Following the festival, Beautycon will make its return to Los Angeles, CA, from September 16-17. The event presented by Walmart, will be a place where every brand, from established industry giants to emerging outfits that innovate, will have their voices heard. Tickets for the Los Angeles event will go on sale on June 15, with more details announced in the coming weeks.

As the exclusive retail partner for the Los Angeles event, Walmart will show up with a dynamic experience that features some of its most loved beauty brands and products, specially curated for Beautycon. Leading up to the event, Walmart will empower creators to tell the story of beauty from their eyes, kicking off the conversation around how beauty is defined today.

“At Walmart, we aspire to be the most inclusive beauty retailer, from our store shelves to our digital aisles,” said Jill Toscano, vice president, media at Walmart. “Walmart ensures everyone has the tools to confidently express themselves and define what beauty means to them. By teaming up with Beautycon, we hope to create a celebratory space where everyone feels like they can fully embrace and express their whole self.”

This fall, Beautycon will spread its ethos globally with a virtual commerce experience. This event will offer a multitude of avenues to explore and immerse in a new era of self-expression. Additional information will be announced later.

Beatycon’s new tagline, rally the rising beauty rebels, is defined by a unified vision to collaboratively build a future that’s liberated from the status quo and archaic standards. Beautycon is inviting everyone to join a "revolutionary path toward an inclusive landscape where individuality is expressed, celebrated and welcomed." This is executed by empowering those who embrace their own unique perspectives, existences, and experiences. The return of Beautycon signifies more than just the revival of a brand. It represents the celebration of content, commerce and community whose contribution to the beauty industry is recognized and embraced – fueling Beautycon’s commitment to providing a space where creators can engage in meaningful discourse while showcasing their talents to the world. To usher in this new era of beauty, the Beautycon logo that accompanies the refreshed tagline ties back to the brand’s new vision with the heart intentionally made as a beauty mark.

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