Do You Know What Makes Your Young Salon Employees Tick?

Getty Images(Gen Z)

The younger generation (whether it's the tail-end Millennials or Gen Z) on your staff comes with a different set of needs and management skills—and as a salon owner or manager, it's imperative to decipher what makes them tick.

That's what Antony Whitaker, salon coach, tries to uncover in his latest episodes of his podcast "Grow My Salon Business." Last week, he interviewed two young hairdressers, one from the U.S. and one from Australia — now, he's interviewed two more stylists, Deanna and James both from the UK, about their goals and ambitions and what a career in hairdressing means to them.

For instance, the obvious things, like having technology such as the Internet and social media available, which previous generations didn't have, and how that impacts their self marketing and learning. What was less obvious was that neither of them used money as a reason for leaving a job or what they looked for in a job. Rather, the importance of family and being part of something bigger were priority—belonging to a community.

Whitaker asks: If we want to keep people like this in our industry and in your salon, what are the opportunities that you are creating in your salon? What are the things that you do to make your team feel recognized and acknowledged? What are the things that you could do to make them feel like they're part of a bigger community and to give them a greater sense of purpose?

Listen to the latest episode here.