Enrique Serrano Recognized at the ABS Global Image Awards 2023 in Chicago

Enrique Serrano, director of Salón Gaudí in Vizcaya, Spain has been recognized at the ABS Global Image Awards 2023 in Chicago. The awards, which are held every year, recognize hairdressing professionals around the world.

This is a very special victory, not only because it is the first international recognition of the Bilbao hairdresser, but also because of the collection with which he has achieved it: MA-RI is a tribute to his sister, whom he lost due to an illness, says Serrano.

With the city of Bilbao as a backdrop, MA-RI shows "timeless looks in which naturalness and simplicity prevail, and whose aim is to emphasize the real beauty of each woman, so that she feels favored beyond specific fashions."

Salón Gaudí is about to open its second showroom, in the town of Getxo (Vizcaya). This second space will be located in the center of Bilbao, opposite the Guggenheim Museum.