Get a Jump Start on Holiday Marketing With These 6 Tips

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Whether we're all in need of a little extra holiday cheer, or we just can't wait to leave this year in the past, you've likely started to see the signs of the holiday season start creeping in earlier than usual this year. Like most things in 2020, the holidays are sure to have their own twist, so we're here to help you get a jumpstart on your holiday marketing and cross this year's finish line with a bang.

1. Plan Ahead 


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If we've learned one thing this year it's how to have a plan B, C, D and X. Even if your plans have to change, adjusting your plan is easier than not having a plan at all. As you know, the closer we get to that New Year's ball drop, the crazier things get. So get started now and take full advantage of this valuable holiday marketing window.

2. Décor Galore 

Get to decorating! You don't have to go over the top with your holiday decor, but some fall leaves or decorative pumpkins certainly won’t go unnoticed by your guests. When you spend time making your salon feel homey, it shows your guests that you care. And, decorating is fun and we could all use a little more fun right now! Some fake snow or twinkle lights paired with a signature holiday scent will instantly turn your salon a winter wonderland. Not only will the décor help spread holiday cheer, but it might get your guests in the mood for some extra holiday spending.

3. Retail 

Don’t forget to add some eye-catching décor to your retail display. Draw attention to special product offerings like holiday gift sets and gift certificates, and don’t forget the stocking stuffers. Consider retailing items exclusively during the holiday season that you don't carry year-round (so your guests stock up!). There are so many people to shop for around the holidays, make it easy for your clients to check a few stops off their shopping list. Remind your guests - either through conversation or a visual display in your salon - of all of the special products, gift certificates, and special services you are offering during the holiday season.

4. Holiday How-To’s 

So many aspects of our lives have gone virtual this year, it only feels right to bring some virtual reality into your holiday marketing too. Show off your skills on an Instagram or Facebook Live. Teach your clients an easy-at-home holiday updo or festive makeup looks to get people excited about the holiday season and, more importantly, remind them to book their appointments with you! Showing them how to recreate the in-between appointment magic will give them more confidence and you credibility.

If going live isn’t your style, you can pre-record a video and post on IGTV or YouTube, or get creative with Instagram Story or TikTok depending on where the majority of your target clientele lives online. 

5. The Gift of Beauty 

There’s truly no better gift than the gift of self-care. Are you reminding your clients you offer gift cards when they talk about how much they love their experience with you? Do your clients know where they can purchase gift cards for friends and family?

Adding gift cards to your marketing strategy is a win/win: clients can make their salon visit a one-stop-shop for services and gifts, meanwhile you get paid on the spot AND a referral for a new client. To reward guests for buying gift cards, offer them a $20 gift card for every $100 in gift cards purchased.

6. Hooray for a Giveaway 

Everyone loves freebies! Doing a Facebook or Instagram giveaway is the perfect way to boost your biz and fill your books for the rest of the year. Post a scroll-stopping picture with an exciting, easy-to-understand caption of your giveaway details (don't forget to include: how to enter, what the prize is, end date and where you will announce the winner).