Great Clips Accepting Applications for Spring Scholarship

Every year, Great Clips, Inc. gives students tuition reimbursement scholarships valued at up to $5,000 each throughout the U.S. and Canada, amounting to more than $100,000 annually. It's all part of the brand's commitment to help deserving students make their cosmetology and barbering dreams a reality, while supporting a strong pipeline of talent to the salon industry. 

For a close up of some of the past winners, click here.

The Great Scholarship Program is open to high school and post-high school individuals who are enrolled in a cosmetology program in the U.S. or Canada. The spring scholarship application window is now open; future stylists and barbers are invited to apply through March 1. Scholarship recipients will be notified no later than April 30, 2023.  

How can you apply? It takes just two simple steps: 

  1. Write an original essay response to this question: What is exciting to you about a career in the cosmetology or barbering industry? Why?
  2. Fill out a short, online application form.

How can you stand out from the competition? It starts with being yourself. Let your personality shine! Share your own unique story and what makes you, YOU. Essays are evaluated on quality, originality, authenticity, and impact. 

Here are a few essay excerpts from past scholarship winners: 

"As a future cosmetologist, providing a space that brings calmness and peace is important and excites me because sitting in that salon chair may be the only time a person has to provide selfcare for themselves that day, week, or month … It’s those moments that make you realize being a cosmetologist is so worth it but also makes you realize you’re more than just a stylist, you’re a friend, confidant, therapist, and server. It’s the words of encouragement, wisdom, and life that you can speak back into them to make them feel beautiful or handsome or to make a life situation better."  - Janicia 

"The cosmetology industry is extremely inclusive because of the endless opportunities that one licensure provides. Multiple avenues open doors to multiple streams of active and passive income. I am excited for a career that allows for variation—not doing the same thing every day keeps me sharp and engaged...Our field will always be in demand and highly sought after, and as the industry changes, I am equally excited for new trends to surface while classic ones reemerge." – Kelly Ann

"The week I returned [to cosmetology school] after my maternity leave, the school closed their doors nationwide. I was devastated, but I decided to wait to go back to school. I had a 10-month-old daughter and a newborn. I needed to focus on being a mother. In 2021, I made the decision to return to school. Waiting was hard, but it has paid off in so many ways ... There is always room to grow with cosmetology and the education never ends. The opportunities to learn more and further your education are endless." – Patience 

"The opportunity to help others gain confidence and increased self-esteem tops my extensive list of reasons I find the beauty industry exciting. I cherish the memories of getting my own hair colored and cut making me feel beautiful and ready to take on the world! I would feel like a superhero if I could help others achieve that level of confidence. It is also important to consider salary, mobility, scheduling, and job security when choosing a career. The beauty industry is appealing to me because it fits strategically with my life plan and my career and family goals.” – Ashley

Visit the Scholarship Application page to complete the application form and upload your essay today.