How to Take the Fear Out of Raising Your Salon Prices

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When the topic of raising prices comes up, most hairdressers have some fear.  Think about it: When was the last time you raised your prices…or have you? After speaking to other hairdressers, there seem to be 3 top concerns:

1. Clients Leaving

2. Attracting New Clients


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3. Higher Prices

These are valid concerns, so I understand how they could make you feel a little nervous. We're not exactly a clock-in/clock-out kind of business. But, we do understand that time is money and we do understand the value in providing the best overall experience possible. Like Sam Villa says, "People buy people, then they buy things."  

Clients Leaving

Face the fact that you may lose a few people (but probably not nearly as many as you think). You'll have your loyal clientele that will follow you wherever you go; your occasional guests you only see on special occasions/holidays; and then your one-timers (walk-ins, family members of clients, etc.). Other than that, clients will leave for many different reasons—they move, find someone closer to home or someone who suits their schedule better, etc. Whatever the reason is, we're sad to see them go, but that's part of doing business….any business. And, it’s a critical part of your growth, because it forces you to reevaluate yourself and your business while leaving space in your schedule for new opportunities.

Attracting New Clients

Now that you have room to accept new clients, use social media to post that you’re accepting new clients.  Run promos every month and utilize a referral program. Redken has some great tools for this. Talk to your existing clients about that co- worker or family member that keeps complimenting their hair. Give them incentives for referring people!

  • Referrals earn points to use towards services and products. ***We don’t recommend discounted services as an incentive because it sends a message of “lesser value”. So, using this method feels like a reward versus a discount

  • Referrals earn special benefits at different tiers – think frequent flyer programs!

  • Excite and motivate existing guests to be ambassadors for you…to spread that valuable word-of-mouth advertising that’s so priceless! 

  • Request to be tagged on social media

  • Offer special bonus experiences on a new clients first visit ***Again, we recommend that you add value versus discounting services to attract attention.   

  • ALWAYS Prebook

Higher Prices

Price is determined by what you know you're worth and what you want to make. The time you spend with guests, your skill level, the added value you offer, and your continued education that makes you qualified to provide superior service and an outstanding salon experience. All of this contributes to your worth…but what is your worth?  Formulate a number and then break it down by service and hour to figure out what you actually have to make to hit the financial mark that best represents your skillset and service. 

Once you're confident about your self-worth, trust me, you will not think your prices are too high…and neither will anyone who values good service.  So, take a deep breath, let go of your fears and give yourself a raise for 2020, you’ve earned it!